So says 68 year old Bop.

Poor sod he developed leprosy at the age of six and since then has been condemned to life in a leper colony. His world captured remarkably by the talented Ehrin Macksey.

Ehrin allows Bop to tell his own story. The photographers ego nowhere on show. Phew!

I hope Ehrin has the faith to keep working this way.  I expect great things.

That’s enough from me, I’ll let Ehrin introduce his own work:

“As a idealist photographer, I feel that the stories main stream media won‚Äôt pick up really need to be told. Most of the time these stories are of people who have no voice or resources to help better themselves. This is why I do these pieces, even when there is no money to carry out the project.

Bop is the one character I focused on the most because, the stories of his life summed up all the experiences of the other residents at Van Mon. Documenting him and interviewing him was an experience I will never forget.

With photography and storytelling as my way of helping, I hope other people will come to Van Mon to visit them and maybe donate something to improve their lives.”

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