duckrabbit has long thought that a well produced audio slideshow can match a video news feature, and this proves it.

Emma Lynch has been bouncing them around the BBC website for some time but this sobering feature on drug related violence in the Mexican town of Ciudad Juarez is enough to put a horse’s head into anyone’s dreams.

Pictures by US-based photojournalist Nadav Neuhaus. (wonderful work on his website)
picture-145Duckrabbit’s audio slideshows can be seen here.

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  • http://reciprocity-failure.blogspot.com Stan B.

    Yup, something as well done as this gives one time to examine and appreciate the images as well as to think about how they relate to the issue at hand…

  • http://www.mikeholley.net/blog Mike Holley

    Hmmm, I go to Mexico in two weeks… not to this place but it’s difficult to detach yourself from troubles like this.

    • duckrabbit

      Mecico, Cuba, LUCKY you Mike, what is it you do?

      Mexico is fabulous Mike … JEALOUS!