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The Sri Lankan civil war has long been notorious for the LTTE’s recruitment of child soldiers. As the violence intensifies UNICEF is reporting that forcible recruitment of children is on the the increase despite assurances by the LTTE that they would no longer force children to fight. David White was one of the first journalists to travel to the North of the country and take pictures of former child soldiers lucky enough to find their way onto a recovery programme. In this powerful audio slideshow White reflects on the fate of those children.

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Inform yourself about what’s going on in Sri Lanka.

These organizations support child soldiers in one capacity or another:

UNICEF, Warchild, Human Rights Watch, Coalition To Stop The Use of Child Soldiers, Amnesty International

duckrabbit would like to thank Luka Bloom for kindly allowing us to use his song, ‘Innocence’.

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  • http://visualeditors.ning.com/profiles/blog/list?user=2kb7vu139fltm Desiree Perry

    Lovely, really great work! Wonderful use of type and music!

    And the photos‚Äî you did “break my heart” with this one.

  • Sam C

    Another poignant piece of work to add to D.R’s impressive resum?©… I particularly like the way you’ve employed the screen shots from news websites to add impact. Luka Bloom’s generousity has certainly added another dimension as well. Perhaps try a comedy slideshow next? I need cheering up after the tragic themes of “innocence”.

  • Kim

    Wow! Hugely powerful. I can’t even think of words good enough to write here!

  • http://www.mikeholley.net/blog Mike Holley

    A very moving and an outstanding piece of work, great photography. It’s hard to believe that the magazine that commissioned this work just showed one small image…

  • http://www.Beanpods.co.uk Mark Woods

    Great work – all concerned. It must be soul-crushing to have the editor make the poor choice to print your hard work so small. Rubbish.

    But well done to you.

    Cheers, Mark (Nottingham, England).