I have decided to put up a selection of images that I shot in Bangladesh over the couple of weeks that Benjamin and I were there. I have chosen to present this selection in mono as I feel that works best for most of these images. Originally of course they were all spat out of the camera in RGB, and indeed many of them will be presented again in colour depending on the end use. There is no audio to accompany these images…just the captions beneath them. The audio will come soon when Ben and I have decided how best to present the pieces. They form part of the journey that Ben, Rajib and I took trying to get a handle on how the effects of climate change are affecting the people of Bangladesh.

I hope the pictures convey the seriousness of the situation for the people of Bangladesh. I would ask you to try and look through the photos. Click the full screen icon (bottom right) to view the set more clearly, and click the image for the next one.

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