Climate change Bangladesh

I thought I’d put a few pics from Bangladesh up here a few at a time, chatting a little about each one. I’m preparing the pics for various people so it seemed like a good time. This first pic was taken in a village called Forki, on the island of Bhola. This woman and her family had just lost their home due to rising water levels swamping then taking their house. This picture was taken in the local school, which had been turned into temporary accommodation for the family. Each of the tiny school’s few classrooms had been turned into the same. This meant that the local kids had no school, so education stopped. At least the family had bricks around them..all the other structures in the village are/were made from bamboo and straw, apart from the mosque. The mosque, however, had also been taken by the river. If I were a better fine art photographer I could have created a wonderful image of the mosque that wasn’t there, but I’m not, so I didn’t.

Climate change Bangladesh..Forki village, Bhola.
Climate change Bangladesh..Forki village, Bhola.

This pic is a better standalone in relation to climate change…taken in the same village, and the man is sitting right where the entrance to the local brick built mosque was just days previously. The light is cutting through the hordes of locals to the right of shot..they had all come out to see what I was up to. It is obvious to see how the land is just being sliced away by the rushing water. the pic also gives you an idea of the typical level of land above sea level in Bangladesh…hardly ever more than about 6 foot.

Forki village, Bhola, Bangladesh..climate change.
Forki village, Bhola, Bangladesh..climate change.

I’ll be putting more up over the next few days, so please drop in and take a look.

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