“He is the Magnum photographer whose flat in London was a creative haven for photographers during the 1960s, and whose documentary photography course at Newport in succeeding decades became the most successful course in photographic education in Britain. As a new book of his photographs is published, David Hurn talks to Graham Harrison about photography, photographers and of a life enriched by friendship.”

The wonderful Photo Histories site run by Graham Harrison has done it again. Graham’s combined an insightful interview with
fascinating history, vivid context, and a few (too few Graham, too few :)) great photographs. You really must read the piece, it covers so much.

I can’t really do it justice here at all..click a link.

Great work Graham, thankyou.

“I believe that in a society in which every individual opinion counts, photography at its best has a unique ability to instruct; to help make alternatives intellectually and emotionally clear; to spotlight foolishness, to bring people together, to break down barriers of prejudice and ignorance and show ideals worth pursuing. We should trust the peculiarities of our medium. And if we are truly curious or fascinated or profoundly interested in our subjects then we are less tempted to interfere, to control, to change, to improve,” says David Hurn in On Being a Photographer ( His 1997 book with Bill Jay)

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    Why, oh why, am I only finding this now? On Being a Photographer was a seminal book for me.