For some time, Apple’s computers have dominated the creative industry’s workspace; their reliability, fast processing speed and ownership of some of the industry standard software (Final Cut Pro in particular) makes them the must-have for any journalist, writer, film maker, photographer.

Oh and they also look nice.

But Macs have one big flaw which myself and duckrabbit feel more than most: it sucks for audio editing.

Those of you who came to the Photography Still Moving event earlier this month will remember Benjamin editing his audio interviews on a PC and then transferring the file over to his Mac to combine with photographs in Soundslides.

Because when it comes to editing audio it’s almost impossible to compete with Adobe Audition (without spending £2000 on SADIE, or going to PRO TOOLS). And that hasn’t been part of Adobe’s Creative Suite for Macs at all…until now.

Yes, we’ve got wind that Adobe Audtion will be available for Macs in the near future – although probably not until next year. Adobe Labs have announced they’ll be a public beta version, possibly by the winter (according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog).

So soon, we’ll be able to do all our multimedia on one computer – hoorah!

Thanks to @ProducerJoe for pointing it out.


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