Obsession, commitment, love‘, that’s how Anna Carter describes her relationship with Carter’s Steam Fair, the largest original touring vintage fairground anywhere in the world.

And that’s exactly what’s on show at a new duckrabbit exhibition at Reading Museum. Our photofilm ‘Fairground Attraction’, is being projected alongside fifty of Rabbit’s wonderful photos that capture the magic of Carter’s Steam Fair.

If you’re anywhere near Reading please do drop into the museum (see poster at the bottom of the page) and let us know what you think. And if, like the majority of people, you are nowhere near Reading, take three minutes out of your day to watch our photofilm Fairground Attraction below (or embed it to your facebook page or blog from here):

(click on the image below to bring up the photofilm, and click again to play)

duckrabbit would like to thank Damien Drohan for assisting with the audio editing.

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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  • http://www.seanhayeswhite.com Sean Hayes White

    Made me clap at the screen.

    Thank you DuckRabbit for sharing that – It’s amazing. The more I get involved in photofilm story telling, the more compelling I find it to be.


    • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

      Sean, duckrabbit are very touched by your kind and encouraging comment.

      Thank you so much.

  • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/davidwhite/ David White, photographer

    Tidy :)

  • http://www.JohnEdwinMason.com John

    Photos are beautiful. Colors are terrific. Love the blast of steam in the soundtrack, the organ (calliope?) music, the photographer’s willingness (actually eagerness, I’d bet) to climb onto the rides, cameras in hand — and, of course, Anna’s story.

    “Obsession, commitment, love.” The recipe for a happy life, isn’t it?

    • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

      Thanks John, your comments mean a lot.

      When I saw the photos I was amazed at how David had captured Carter’s in just a single days shoot. My favorite one is the last shot, which I managed to spoil by putting text over it!

  • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/saira/ Saira MacLeod – aspiring photojournalist

    Saw this exhibition today, images were a very honest portrayal of the Carter’s people, vibrant, upbeat, captured at those key moments. could have sworn I saw Benjamin in one of them having a go at the hammer strength test! The photo-film wasn’t working today, will check back later in the week. Can’t wait to see it.

    • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

      If you listen to the piece you’ll hear me hit the bell with the hammer … can’t tell you how many times me and David had a go before we managed it!

      All the photos were taken in a day.

      • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/saira/ Saira MacLeod

        All taken in one day?! i guess you really knew what you were looking for. Care to post how many times it took you to hit the bell?? Not that it matters of course… haha

        • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit


    • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

      Just to let you know the film is now running in the gallery. Let us know how it looks … we would have liked it projected bigger but the space is tricky …

  • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

    Also this morning I’m trying to work out how I hit the bell and recorded it at the same time … I’m not sue I’m that clever …

  • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/davidwhite/ David White, photographer

    You didn’t hit the bell, I did. Whilst taking a pic of you not hitting the bell. Possibly.