Let’s all help South West Tourism create a free advertising campaign and picture library shall we? With the backing of the Royal Photographic Society.

NO, let’s not.

You couldn’t make it up. Absolutely ridiculous. Read it and weep.

Whatever gentrified muppet within the RPS thought this was a good idea needs their head looking at. If it can be found that far up.

Hang on…I may have it all wrong…it says on the blurb that “Your contribution is not just about giving, because in return there is the opportunity to develop new skills in capturing images of genres you may never have considered”


Any and all new explanations for the RPS acronym accepted here.

Here’s a few just in (to my head):

Right Piss Snatch?

Royal Poor Show?

Rights Plucking Shysters?

Please share yours. Acronyms that is, not pictures for this Rancid Professional Sideshow.

It doesn’t look like the members are happy about it either – duh – first comment I find on their own forum:

“Is it true? Is it a hoax? It cant possibly be true can it that the organisation here to promote photography is actually mounting a campaign to value photography as worthless.

This mad scam is aimed at acquiring photographs free of charge for the South West Tourism. Not only do they not want to pay any money but the don’t even guarantee the photographer will be credited. The even demand rights to sub licence the images to third parties!

Whos responsible for this??????????

I am NOT HAPPY my membership fees which I earn from selling photography are being used to promote the idea that photography is utterly worthless.”


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