Last week I was at a large 5 day event shooting video. This was my first job shooting solely video whereas before clients had always asked that I shoot a bit of video as more of an add-on service to my photography rather than something I could concentrate on.

What was strange was that I was rubbing shoulders with a large press pack who, I got the impression, weren’t particularly happy that I was shooting video with a ‘camera’. I kept getting the ‘whose the wanker with the pimped up Canon’.

Afterwards I chatted with a few of them and was genuinely surprised that although many of them knew their cameras shot high definition video almost all of them had never even played with the feature.

There are many pros and cons for shooting video as photographers and I’d have to be honest and say there may even be more disadvantages but it is something I firmly believe that there is going to be more of a market for.

It certainly isn’t a quality issue with these cameras. You’ve only to look towards Hollywood to see who is using them:




  • totally agree Carl … I think that the truth is the market for video is expanding because of the demand for it on-line.

    Opportunity or threat?

Carl is a photographer but now mixes his photography skills with multimedia and video using the new breed of DSLR cameras to give his clients different ways to communicate.

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