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Being a photographer I never really gave much thought to audio, why would I. But since shooting multimedia and videos for clients audio has become a big part of what I do. Now I’m no expert but have had a bit of guidance from Ben so I know a little. The problem is of how to best record the audio while shooting. A lot of DSLR video shooters probably have heard of the excellent Zoom H4 and it’s little brother the H2, but this week it looks like stocks of the smaller and more compact H1 are now in the uk. I’ve not read any reviews but if they are as good as the H4 or H2 (which I currently use) then I’m not going to be disappointed. I’ve just spoken to Kings Audio and they were just about to unbox their shipment so I know they have them. Click HERE for the direct link. And it’s under £100! Bargain.

  • Thanks for the review. Does the H1 plug into the top of the Canon with included adaptor or do you need to buy something extra? I could not make out from your photo? Thank you.

  • Hi John, Mine has not arrived yet but from what I understand there is just a thread at the bottom of the H1 that takes a small screw (tripod fit). I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with the adapter but they are quite cheap to buy.

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    here are some samples available: http://www.zoomh1.de/samples.php

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