Just $46,950, if you’re prepared to share a room.  If you want your own that’s an extra $6000.


4 responses to “National Geolaugh Photography Tour”

  1. Apparently NGS wants to dispel any notion that they are a company that actually cares about the planet..

  2. David White says:

    Do you get to choose at what point you can flush the toilets on the “specially outfitted Boeing 757” private jet? And do you think you can look out the window whilst doing so?
    I only ask because it would be nice to be able to piss on those wonderful places from an even greater height.

  3. i couldn’t resist:

    if the National Geolaugh expedition fills all the 78 seats in the airplane with participants, the total grossed is $3,666,000. excluding single supplement surcharge, of course.

  4. Daniel says:

    Look anyone who thinks they can make money in photography these days is delusional. We all know catering for rich kids and enthusiasts is a better game. Take a look at the Safar tours on offer here. take 10 people, hire a Landie and drive them up to Kenya. Stop over and show them the wildlife in the Masai Mara (bonus, find some locals to jump around, americans love that shit) and then charge them 10k (US) per “student”

    Try and earn that on a normal assignment.

    This to me is genius, I fancy doing a tour of a squatter camp. I’ll throw in a free ride in an illegal minibus, you’ll eat squatter camp food and ill make sure you pose with enough locals to make your friends envy you back home.

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