3D – Tish, Pish, Tosh…

While I’m one of Duckrabbit’s guest bloggers I don’t write that much here. Most of my work doesn’t come under the ‘saving the world’ category. Generally clients pay me to make stuff look nice. I don’t do bullets, natural disasters, disease and certainly won’t bend over for a Turkish customs official! But give me a dead cockroach and I can make it look good enough to eat.

I also don’t tend to rant that much. It is a dangerous thing on the internet because there are always people who, know a lot more shit than you and will tell you so in brief and concise way using expletives and simple sentences.

But I’m going to rant and I don’t care. 3D IS TISH PISH TOSH and I don’t see a real future for it and I tell you why. Before I do watch the video below…….


When I first saw this I laughed so hard I pissed my pants. It is a piss-take but it could be very close to the truth. Manufacturers will go to extraordinary lengths to get you to buy their televisions and if it means passing a few volts of electricity through your brains then so be it.

It is just that our eyes are not designed to view things on a screen in 3D. Over the last couple of hundred thousand years we haven’t evolved that much. You’ve only to listen to a couple of Sky sports presenters to realize that! If the good Lord wanted us to see tv in 3D we’d be blinking involuntary and one eye would be bulging like a guppy fish.

It’s not that I’m old fashioned. I’ve embraced DSLR, recording audio with something more sophisticated than an electric razor and I’ve even embraced Marmite-flavoured chocolate but 3D tv is a long way off from convincing me that in the next 5 or 10 years all our eyes will be blinking uncontrollable at our television sets. Rant over…let the swearing begin.

  • Lol.
    Have you only the one eye Carl?

    We do view in 3d! That’s why we have two eyes.

    …that vid is a pisstake.

    He should have bought some flipping(!) glasses.

  • isn’t it a spoof though?

  • Oh, I forgot to swear. Bollocks.

  • Of course I know it was a spoof….you fools. It’s called irony. It is a form a humour a lot lower than sarcasm!! Although I will edit out the seeing in 2D bit!!

  • Phew. You had me worried for a moment there Carl. Although, tbh, I think we could all do with an extra dimension…

    If 3d were perfected, ie perfect 3 dimensional representation on a screen without glasses, would you be up for it?
    I have seen it, and it is seductive. Imo.

  • It looks amazing in the cinema but how that translates to our dingy lounges without glasses to recreate that same experience is a long way off. I see this as a cinema experience at the moment.

  • Iamnotasuperstarphotographer

    What a load of f*cking b*ll^cks that there are people on the net who think they can rant in short concise sentences without f*cking losing their cool dealing with all those Jeremy *unts out there forgetting the rule of “why use two syllables when 6 will f*cking rock especially when linked together in long sentences” to save all those sh*ts out there who do not know what to do out there with their dinosaur attitudes to the b*ll*cks world of images… errr or something like that?

    I am not sitting in front of the telly with my girlfriend wearing glasses to watch correctly. 3D is not going to make channel 5 or Fox News any better?

  • Words will be eaten.

    Trust me.

    • Personally I am waiting for 3.14159265D. That gives the full picture.

  • Iamnotasuperstarphotographer

    I reciprocate that view David White!!

  • I went through a whole PhD using those flipping glasses :o)

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