There are so many different ways to read this photofilm, so many layers, so many unanswered questions … which is what makes it so great.

Hats off to Ian Forsyth.

Mr Geebers The Pebbleman from Ian Forsyth on Vimeo.

  • What a fascinating story. I want to know more. You have succeeded Ian. I hope he does.

  • Thanks David. He is a complicated character indeed and it was difficult to bring all the material – especially the audio – into something that would help to tell his story and highlight his challenge without over complicating it. As I write this he is making his way down the east coast towards the Robin Hood’s Bay area of Yorkshire (or somewhere thereabouts) as he continues his difficult journey.

    I hope that at the end of it all the issues he is trying to highlight – challenges facing the homeless – are realised by many more people.

    Many regards,

    • Bu Ian, what do you reckon. The journey isn’t really about homelessness, its about Mr Geebers struggle within himself?

  • Very true DR. A struggle to keep the journey going, a struggle with the authority figures he meets, a struggle with guilt and the separation from his daughter. As struggle with the elements and the weather…

    As I remember reading a while ago, something written by someone far more knowledgeable than me, which isn’t too difficult I admit…

    “Great photo-essays have to do with people, human dilemmas with human challenges, with human suffering”.

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