If you didn’t get to listen to the fascinating and harrowing piece on the BBC World Service this morning about the photographer
Dalia Khamissy‘s attempts to document what happened to the thousands who were kidnapped and disappeared during the Lebanese civil war, then you can listen again here. You can even download it as MP3.

You should hear it. Millions of others have. It was fanbloodytastic to be able to listen to the whole programme, and to then be able to pop over to Auntie’s to have a butcher’s at what I had just been listening to and imagining. It seems such a natural progression to tie a radio broadcast in with images of and about the story, especially when the story involves a photographer.

To the right of the page you will see something unique:

The radio programme sits alongside a bespoke Photofilm, built around Dhalia’s images and video. This bi-media approach is the first for the World Service. The second part of the series, featuring photographer Joseph Rodriguez and his work on young immigrants living in Malmo, Sweden, will take a similar approach…a bi-media production, with a 23 minute radio programme on the WS alongside a powerful photofilm built around his images.

Please check out the piece.

*Disclaimer: Benjamin Chesterton was the producer for both pieces, and both Photofilms. If you are an established photographer who is working on an interesting long term project then we would like to hear from you, as it would be great to extend the Open Eye slot to cover more subjects.

A special thanks to Phil Coomes for pulling this together on the BBC website.

  • rachel corner

    What a tragedy and what a powerful piece. Well done.

    • Thanks Rachel. That’s lovely coming from you.

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