Before you double up in laughter at what I’m going to tell you remember one thing – it has made me a lot of money…a lot of money. And all it is is a GoPro camera (although it could be any small camera) attached to the top of a windup egg-timer to create 360 time-lapse movies.

About a year ago I saw a YouTube link to someone who had created something similar but using drills and bolts and screws and I don’t do DIY. Well, I did but it always went horribly wrong.

So I figured out a way of creating something similar using glue and spare parts lying around the office to create my own version of a 360 degree, time-lapse device. Below is a vimeo clip to one of my first films with the egg-timer at a hotel in Italy. Since this was done I’ve created quite a few to the point I now offer them as a service to clients. I’ve put them in hotels, inside cars, in a kitchen and even inside a fridge! And clients love the results. Give it a try.


Click here to see how to make an egg-timer panorama How to Make 360 egg timer time lapse

Carl is a photographer but now mixes his photography skills with multimedia and video using the new breed of DSLR cameras to give his clients different ways to communicate.

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  • http://duckrabbit.info/ David White

    Blinkin’ brilliant. Thanks Carl, that’s generous of you.

  • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

    Thanks for sharing this Carl.

    Its great to see essentially two bits of amateur kit being used to create something that your clients love.

  • http://www.digitalslrshooter.com Carl Pendle

    Thanks Guys – glad you like it. I’m not sure ‘How tos’ really fit the style of this blog but I’ll do a few more and see how they go down.

  • http://www.digitalslrshooter.com Carl Pendle

    Also, I’m not quite sure why the YouTube link doesn’t work. Any ideas?

    • http://www.duckrabbit.info/members/duckrabbit/ duckrabbit

      That one is a mystery to me … its trying to open it a shadowbox and I have no idea why?

  • http://duckrabbit.info/ David White

    I love how-to’s. I’ve even learned to tie my laces thanks to Youtube. Magic :)