• Remember “Minority Report”?

    If you have to invoke a Tom Cruise vehicle, you really kinda lost the argument- which in this case went on (and on) to be the most prolonged premature ejaculation imaginable.

  • Olivier Laurent

    I so disagree with Vincent Laforet on most things in this article, and won’t get into all the details because… well it’s Sunday morning. But he does have a point when he answers this question:

    “Q: So doesn’t that just transfer the job of capturing the decisive moment to editing the decisive moment?

    A: Editing is going to become one of the most important, sought after skill sets in the next five to 10 years. I think we’re going to see such an incredible amount of data coming in, to the likes of which we’ve never seen before that editors are going to become one of the most important job positions out there.”

    • I agree Olivier, but hasn’t that always been the case?

  • Dr. Elliot McGucken

    Yes, but a Canon-based 9shooter system (with the Canon 5D Mark ii & HFS200) costs less than 1/10 cost of the RED EPIC and can be hand-held, as it is far lighter and smaller. The 9shooter also carries the advantages of redundancy and both dedicated stabilization for stills and dynamic stabilization for video, and one can use standard Canon lenses. In a showdown, the <$5,000 9shooter system would beat the $58,000+ EPIC RED hands down. And just you wait until the 9shooter with a Canon 5D Mark III & Mark IV!

    In a showdown, the 9shooter beats the EPIC RED hands down.

    • Why spend $30000 rather than $3000 … only a photographer can answer that!

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