Some unrelated news.

Yuri Kozyrev has won this big award at Visa Pour l’Image, the photojournalism festival. I first became aware of his work this year (can you believe it?) when searching for photographers that had been shooting in Bahrain and Yemen, both which he has been on assignment for Time magazine. The guy’s been on the road pretty much continuously since December of last year, so the least you’d say this is an award to commitment…

In other brief news, the Photographers’ Gallery has delayed their opening until early 2012, leaving the English capital without its main public photography gallery for yet a bit longer. In its absence no new galleries seem to have mushroomed to quench the photographic needs of the locals.

  • Isn’t that old news? *confused*

  • The Kozyrev one is about a week old, but I haven’t seen it in Duckrabbit. The Photog’s Gallery one, I haven’t seen that one before.

  • I got confused on the TPG one.

  • you should check out http://www.amiraalsharif.com – she was in my class last year and is currently back in Yemen working – I’m hoping to work on an edit of her stuff sometime in the future…

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