Photography: overish


Jorg says it so it must be true.

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  • http://www.john-macpherson-photography.com john macpherson

    Instead of just talking about the dead (or not) cat he should just show us a photo, then we can decide if its cat-astrophic.

    Mind you if Chucks taxidermy’s already on the case how would we be able to tell for certain?

    Me? I’m going with photography being in the green zone – definitely NOT OVER. How can I be so sure – the unicorn is pointing at the green bit – and unless its stuffed too why would a unicorn lie?

  • http://st84photo.wordpress.com ST84Photo

    It’s a shame Schrodinger’s cat didn’t have a camera tied around its neck. Then it could have made its owners (Mr and Mrs Schrodinger, presumably) very famous with a series titled “the physical impossibility of dead cat in the mind of some one living cat”. or somesuch.

    Sorry, what were we discussing again?