I’ve ended up in this situation where I’m going on Thursday to London. The main reason for my visit is going to Fortnum & Mason’s Charity Christmas Party.Thing is, I have a spare ticket that I paid £50 for and nobody to go with! So, if you have £50 and fancy going to eat, drink and talk photography at Fortnum & Mason’s on Thursday, give me a shout. They also give you a voucher for £50 that you can donate to any charity, and which will be worth £100 on the week of the Big Give Christmas Challenge (5-9 December). So, if you were thinking about, say, donating £50 to Third Floor Gallery, you might as well come over on Thursday. I’ll also be trying to get some time to down pints and meet photo-people around.

<—- post contributed by Joni Karanka from Third Floor Gallery —->

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