Interviewer: Don’t you want to make money?

Beefheart: Sure

Interviewer: Then why don’t you go commercial?

Beefheart: I think, either I’m too smart…or too dumb. I don’t know which.

(My normal ranty long posts will resume shortly – hopefully interspersed with more of the recent music goodness…)

  • Erm, is that the Captain? (He looks like Frank Zappa to me.)

  • Indeed, that is Frank Zappa but if you watch the video, it’s all about Beefy and Zappa features since he was childhood friends and then later a close working colleague of Beefheart, so he’s considered a key person to interview about the Cpt.

  • Ah, right. My computer failed to show me that there was any video there, but now I see that there is. (Even though my particular computer refuses to show it.)

  • No worries ūüôā

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