Wow, this is quite a double whammy. The Duckrabbit blog and Third Floor Gallery have made it to a top ten of online photography destinations. I find it less surprising for Duckrabbit, which  for me has considerable whistleblowing appeal, but very surprising for Third Floor, which as a website mostly has you-can-do-it-too sort of inspiration.

Unsurprisingly, the recommended part of Third Floor’s website is the Support Us section, where we do our begging. Currently, we are in the middle of the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge, which doubles all donations to participating charities until Friday the 9th of December. Here you can donate and read our 2012 programme and expansion plans.

<—- post contributed by Joni Karanka from Third Floor Gallery —->

  • Olivier Laurent

    Ah 🙁 BJP’s been left out of the list 🙁
    Oh well, congrats to you guys anyway 🙂

  • (smug mode on) Olivier, you’ll just have to *try harder* next year, eh! 😀 (smug mode off)

  • Funny that you didn’t link to the list 🙂

    @Olivier: I read BJP online and RT often. “Top” or “Best” are really poor descriptions but they do get people’s attention!

  • @Bryan: ha! Link blindness… after pasting to FB and Twitter I just completely went on to writing mode when here…

  • Good for you Joni, you all deserve it, your energy and positivity is an inspiration.

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