Hang on…what’s this….a decent looking competition for photographers to have their reportage published in Marie Claire magazines worldwide?

Seems so….or maybe not…..


You MUST check out their terms and conditions before entry however…they seem deliberately obscure. I have bumped them up to the Artist’s Bill of Rights site to see what they think….let’s see if the comp gets a green light….place your bets….


Even if there is no rights grab  the restrictions on publishing your own work elsewhere if you enter seem overly restrictive. I suppose only you can decide whether the temptation of the first prize is worth all the red tape.


Here’s a suggestion….as a former Contributing Editor to Marie Claire UK, (In theory I still am one, as they’ve not told me otherwise….) which was due to my reportage photography contributions and ideas over many a year, read between the lines.

The magazines ( M/C has many international editions) still need and want decent reportage photography stories and features, as evinced by THIS and the competition. So, if you have such stories, I suggest you deal directly with the features editors and picture editors of the editions you think relevant.

Bonne chance.


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