MediaStorm are charging $1.99 for people to access their latest films.

One of them features the work of Maggie Steber.

MediaStorm and Maggie Steber put a lot of love into their work. A whole lot of precious love.

God knows the world needs it.

Some people think $1.99 is too much to pay for that love.

Just hope you never date someone that tight.

Here’s Maggie’s response as posted on Facebook tonight.

‘It’s all about the story, and not just photography.

Look at how much people pay for cable and it’s nothing but shit and repeats.

I don’t think $1.99 is too much to ask because of the subjects…these are stories, and we should not think of them only as photography.

If you do, you are mistaken and shortsighted.

These are universal stories about life and the end of life and about how we as loved ones can be braver and more involved with those aspects of life.

If those stories and what you can learn from them isn’t worth $1.99 than we are doomed as story tellers.

We have to quit thinking that it’s only about photography.

It’s far beyond that.

And someone has to roll the dice and try to begin changing peoples’ expectations of getting something for nothing. Otherwise, in the future, there will be nothing.

Rather than debating it among ourselves, we should all get onto the same band wagon and start pushing for payment of our work, no matter the format.

We do nothing but complain about losing rights, being paid too little and then we shoot ourselves in the foot by saying something costs too much at $1.99 to have unlimited access.

That’s cheap beyond words in my book and for anyone who knows how much time, effort, expense, emotion, sacrifice, thought, risk, daring, courage, vulnerability, and innovation goes into anything like this, it is a silly discussion that needs to end because we need to start understanding the value of what we do.

You pay $2.50 for the NYT in print (in MIami), you pay about $5 for Time Magazine in print, you pay a certain amount to the NYT to get past their firewall and have daily access to the news online.

What’s the big deal about a onetime fee of something that costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee?

We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and band together about getting paid for our work!

And if you are in this business and do not agree, then get out of the business!

If you could see the dozens–after one day—of comments about these pieces by people OTHER THAN PHOTOGRAPHERS and how moved and informed and encouraged they are, you would understand this is about visual narrative and if people can pay $12 or $14 for a movie, then they can pay $1.99 to see these films.

Maggie Steber

Here’s another thought.

If Brian Storm had been running any of the major photography agencies do you think they’d be in the financial mess they are in now?

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