“I left the duckrabbit course full of enthusiasm and confidence. It must have worked because only my second attempt at producing a photofilm made the front page of the Guardian website.” Emma Wigley, Interactive Media Officer, Christian Aid

Over recent months we have trained communications and PR specialists from many different organisations, including: Oxfam, British Council, The WorldFish Center, Christian Aid, University of Cambridge, Greenpeace International and Bioversity International. Both in UK and abroad.

Following ongoing interest, we have launched a three-day photofilm workshop for people working in media roles.

You don’t need to have photographic or audio recording experience to come on the course – the training will include both these elements.










This duckrabbit course is designed to give participants the skills to produce high quality and compelling multimedia productions (photofilms) that tell your story, enabling you to reach your audience through mass and social media channels, whether your objective is advocacy, fundraising or marketing.

The workshop will take you through the complete chain of production, from identifying a suitable story to planning the steps needed to gather the audio and pictures, as well as the final completion of the project. We will get you out on location to put the skills you learn straight into practice.  In groups of up to three people you will shoot and record a story and produce a draft version of a short photofilm during the workshop.

The course also provides an opportunity to meet and train with other communications professionals working in similar roles for different organisations – a great forum to make contacts and share ideas.

We have two workshops currently scheduled (for a maximum of six people):

29th – 31st August 2012
21st – 23rd November 2012

These workshops will be run in Central London. However, we can also travel to you to deliver the training.  For full details click here.

If you would like to book a place on one of these courses, or be put on the waiting list for future ones, please do get in touch.

“Duckrabbit demystified the technology behind creating something beautiful in an engaging and informal way. They have given me the confidence to develop my fledgling skills more in my own time. And if that doesn’t get me some fizz then nothing will.” Lucy Brinicombe, Press Officer at Oxfam

  • Ed

    Oh Duck, would that you were in New York. Le sigh.

  • Wishing I could attend this. Fancy a trip to Hong Kong?! Still trying to persuade people in London that they should be commissioning such training on a regular basis. Would have thought it to be a no-brainer. Apparently not.

  • Thank goodness for that! There is such a shortage of professional videographers, photojournalists and photographers who do this type of work, its good that companies will no longer need to employ those pesky freelancers! 😉

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