The Cornett family. © William Gedney Collection, Duke University David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

I’ve been enjoying Roger May’s blog Walk your Camera for some time now, and his latest post exploring the documentary work of William Gedney is well worth your time visiting. I’d never heard of William Gedney before, but the work he produced is absolutely beautiful.

Roger is planning a series of posts exploring Gedney’s work which I think will be fascinating.

(PS……and Roger’s own work is simply sublime too! You will be well rewarded by a look at his personal work.)

8 responses to “William Gedney – Looking at Appalachia”

  1. duckrabbit says:

    Roger May’s blog is terrific. Thanks for sharing John.

  2. J A Mortram says:

    Fantastic post, so pleased to see a mention of Roger May & William Gedney too.

  3. Phil C says:

    This is brilliant work. Some great photos

  4. Yes it’s real photography, insightful and honest (both Gedney’s and Roger’s). A precious commodity.

  5. Ed says:

    Both Roger’s and William’s work are splendid, and I can certainly identify with I would say is a quiet distance but strong voice in each.

  6. Stan B. says:

    Thanks for pointing out May’s great blog, and great work- on all accounts!

  7. Roger says:

    Just wanted to chime in here and say thanks all! I’m hoping to post the second Gedney piece soon. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it’s been to pore through his archive of prints, notebooks, and contact sheets. Thanks for all the kind words and for appreciating the beautiful work of this unsung photography hero of mine, and perhaps yours too now.

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