Some very atmospheric landscapes and haunting portraits by Bryan Schutmaat on CNN World. A few places I recognize too.

“There were some cold mornings when I woke up in my tent or in my car along some desolate highway and wondered what I was doing with my life,” he said. “Even when people stand in front of my camera, I don’t think they realize how much it means to me.”

Buckmaster, Rawlins, Wyoming © Bryan Schutmaat


Well worth your time popping over to CNN World.

John MacPherson was born in the Scottish Highlands. He trained as a welder in the Glasgow shipyards, before completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, and then qualified as a Social Worker in Disability Services. Along the way he has cooked on canal barges, trained as an Alpine Ski Leader & worked as Disabled Ski Instructor, canoe instructor and stained glass design tutor. He has travelled extensively, undertaking solo trips by bicycle, or motorcycle. He has had narrow escapes from an ambush by terrorists, been hit by lightning, caught in an erupting volcano, kidnapped by a dog's hairdresser, rammed by a basking shark and was once bitten by a wild otter. He has combined all this with professional photography, which he has practised for over 35 years.

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  • http://www.tonyhayesimages.com tonemeister

    Thanks for this John. Hadn’t seen Bryan’s photos before. Like ’em!

    • http://www.john.macpherson.btinternet.co.uk/about.html John Macpherson

      Hi Tony – aye, thought the portraits were exceptional.

  • http://www.tonyhayesimages.com tonemeister

    They are. The landscapes aren’t too shabby either.

    • http://www.john.macpherson.btinternet.co.uk/about.html John Macpherson

      Totally agree!

  • http://reciprocity-failure.blogspot.com Stan B.

    Totally amazing work.

    • http://www.john.macpherson.btinternet.co.uk/about.html John Macpherson

      I’d love to see this work in the flesh, up close. It would be memorable.

  • http://jamortram.posterous.com/ J A Mortram

    fantastic. Brilliant share John.

    • http://www.john.macpherson.btinternet.co.uk/about.html John Macpherson

      Hi Jim – yes – I’ve been back to the site several times for another look. Have to to confess these portraits are really sticking in my mind.