It’s been quite a year.

By the end of it we’ll have run workshops and made films in London, Birmingham, Devon, Holland, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Canada, Zambia, Scotland and Derby. I’ll have met, worked with and taught some amazing people.

I’m conscious of the commonly repeated belief that those in photography who can’t make enough money from shooting turn to teaching for a living; training up a never ending stream of wannabes destined to be spat out into an unforgiving jobs market.

At duckrabbit the vast majority of our turnover this year has come from production jobs and it’s important for us to show that producing photofilms is a viable way to make a living, but

nothing is more important than teaching.

A good teacher changes lives.

They help shape the way you think and feel about the world.

They challenge and comfort, bring questions and confidence, infuriate and inspire and they leave an indelible mark on people like me, who not so long ago, was a wannabe, hardly daring to believe. Along the way, great teachers, kept that spark of possibility, that flicker of belief alive. A gift that demands to be shared.

In two days time I’m off to Ottawa to teach a four day photofilm workshop (there’s still a couple of places left) and then in November we’re teaming up with the Format Festival to teach a very special workshop in Belper, the birthplace of factories and a world heritage site.

There’s just one place left on that workshop and it will be the last of the year.

Don’t wait too long to grab it.

Here’s a few pics and a few emails from people who attended the workshop we just delivered in Haarlam, Holland.  My thanks to Marisa Beretta and Pete duckrabbit for organizing it and Anja, Christien, Mirjam, Peggy and Dasha for bringing so much energy and purpose to the experience. (usually we put the participants names with quotes but because they are writing in a second language I’ve decided not to)

‘First let me say I thought it was a course better  then I even expected and hoped it would be. I spoke with the others, and told them, it was like somebody gave you a spin, afterwards I was like “where was I?” ******* felt the same. The energy you gave hasn’t left yet, and I’m still busy re-editing the story. The feeling of learning something else then technical stuff in such a short period, I haven’t had since I started to work at a press-agency..(1999). And finally THANK YOU for all the energy you gave us,  and personally, a new direction to put my photography career in another prospective. ‘

‘ I think it was great learning from professional such as you. Someone who has worked in the field and knows very well how to get a story from anyone. I also felt encouraged that asking for specific details and more insight is not making you a voyeur, but that it ads to your integrity and brings you a richer story. I found out that creating a story, with in this case sound and image, is the thing I most love to do.’


Possibly the poshest training room we’ve ever used!
Learning how to use the digi recorders when its windy and pissing it down (Holland is great for this!). (c) Marisa Beretta
Another training room that looks like a set from Startrek.

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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