Look at Jes’s work; understand a little bit about the part of the world he works in, the dangers, the complete lack of rewards for his work, and then you’ll understand why he’s my hero. Nothing we’ve done at duckrabbit comes close.



Bebeth Calinawan, a 29 year old member of the Mamanwa tribe and a mother of four, bear the scars of bullet wounds fired by government soldiers in Agusan del Norte in Mindanao. Her family were eating lunch at their farm when the first volley of bullets hit her in the chest and arm. Bleeding and fighting for her life, she was brought by the military to their camp and forced her to sign a paper admitting that she is an NPA rebel. When she declined, she was denied proper medical care but was given dextrose with no food for a week. She was detained for one month without charges and was finally released with the help of her father’s relentless appeal through a local radio station. Their ancestral land in Agusan is rich in copper, nickel, and gold and is being explored by numerous foreign mining companies.

Testaments to the culture of impunity in the Philippines. Here are the mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, whose lives were shaken and who continue to bear the pain of the wounds of human rights violations by the state in a society where impunity reigns and perpetrators roam free.

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