The balance of nature

Winter light, Loch Pityoulish © John MacPherson



I’ve noticed there’s a lot of it in nature.

Like this scene. Cloud hole with sun. Ice hole with rock.

Of course there’s a rational explanation for this.

The ice is white: light and heat from the sun reflects off it. And it stays cool. That’s its nature.

But the rock is dark: dark absorbs heat, and gets warmer. Warmth melts ice. Creates a hole.

That’s the science.

But I’m not a scientist, and so after I explained this theory to my little boy William (aged 4), I told him what the storyteller would say to explain this scene…..

….that despite its hard heart, the rock took pity on the ice for being so cold and tried to share the sun with it. In the only way it knew. But that sometimes, just sometimes, being kind can hurt.

William liked that explanation.

  • Ed

    Well, I wish I could story-tell science like that!

    • Thanks Ed! My partner is a scientist, she tut-tuts when I go off on one of these yarns!

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