“I just sold my first multimedia feature to the BBC. It just shows what a good decision I made by training with duckrabbit. I love what they’re about and would love to capture even a tiny bit of that spirit in my own work. Audio interviewing was probably the biggest challenge for me but I’m now actually looking forward to integrating this into my own storytelling and being able to make my subjects’ voices heard.” Ciara Leeming, Journalist

We’ve just announced the dates for our first three-day digital storytelling training of 2013….The workshop, for a maximum of twelve people, will run from 20th-22nd March, in Central London.

The course is designed for photographers, journalists, communications and PR professionals wanting to develop their skills in digital storytelling. If you’re looking to produce photofilms for yourself or your organisation to tell your story in a compelling and powerful way, this training is for you.

You don’t need to have photographic or audio recording experience – the training will include both these elements. Each group of up to three people will shoot and record a story on location and produce a draft version of a short photofilm during the workshop. We will give you the practical knowledge and skills you need to produce your own high quality productions.

So do get in touch if you’d like to book a place. For further information on the course click here.

Here are two of our recent trainees in action on our workshops:

And this is what a few more of our trainees had to say:

  • “The guys at duckrabbit not only helped me gain skills in audio capture, interviewing and photofilm production, but also increased my confidence in getting closer to people, and hearing their stories.  I recommend this training to anybody with an interest in people, their stories and how they are represented.” Phil Lang, photographer
  • “Before doing this training I felt I could have a decent stab at recording audio in the Congo. I now know that it would have taken some sort of miracle for me to get really useful audio. I now have the tools to come back with something a bit special. Thank you.” Robin Meldrum, Publications Officer, Medecins Sans Frontieres
  • “I loved this course by duckrabbit. I left full of enthusiasm and confidence. It must have worked because only my second attempt at gathering content for a photofilm made the front page of the Guardian website.”  Emma Wigley, Interactive Media Officer, Christian Aid


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