Eileen Dunne (hospitalised after bombing raid in London) 1940 by Cecil Beaton

Then I really recommend trying to catch the last day of the exhibition of Cecil Beaton’s war photographs at the Imperial War Museum in London.  Beaton was a society and fashion photographer before being taken on by the Ministry of Information at the outbreak of war in 1939.   Some great photographs on display plus Beaton’s letters and cameras on show.

Too much has been said about whether photography is or is not an art.  I do not agree with the man who said the value of a photograph depends on the worth of its sitter.  In the end the photographs that one remembers, those that stand out most clearly from the others, are those with a positive idea at the back of them : the photograph that shows it was taken by someone with a point of view.  Cecil Beaton

Happy New Year to you all and good luck with the hangovers.

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