Santa plays it safe © John MacPherson

Santa plays it safe © John MacPherson

Christmas is behind us, a New Year approaches.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by the duckblog over the past year and spend a few moments looking, and sometimes commenting, offering opinions, observations and criticism. It’s all very much appreciated.

To you all, as we say in the highlands – may your doormats never be clean.

John MacPherson was born in the Scottish Highlands. He trained as a welder in the Glasgow shipyards, before completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, and then qualified as a Social Worker in Disability Services. Along the way he has cooked on canal barges, trained as an Alpine Ski Leader & worked as Disabled Ski Instructor, canoe instructor and stained glass design tutor. He has travelled extensively, undertaking solo trips by bicycle, or motorcycle. He has had narrow escapes from an ambush by terrorists, been hit by lightning, caught in an erupting volcano, kidnapped by a dog's hairdresser, rammed by a basking shark and was once bitten by a wild otter. He has combined all this with professional photography, which he has practised for over 35 years.

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  • http://www.tonyhayesimages.com tonemeister

    Thanks for all the interesting posts you’ve put up John. Thanks to the Duck et al for their’s too. Nice photo btw. Happy and healthy 2013 to one and all.

    • http://www.john.macpherson.btinternet.co.uk/about.html John Macpherson

      Thanks for stopping by so often Tony, and may the coming year be a good one for you and yours also. Cheers: pic was Santa departing after the community carol singing by the christmas tree in our wee village the other night.

  • http://www.tonyhayesimages.com tonemeister

    That’s exactly the feel the photo has, John. Good capture. Cheers.