The Edge of the Earth

I love this. I’ve watched it literally dozens of times since it was uploaded, because my wee boy enjoys it so much (he likes planes and especially float planes). He knows the soundtrack off by heart now and when he hears any of it on radio or tv he shouts “alaska music daddy, alaska music!!!”

It’s a simple tale, two lads having an adventure in Alaska, filming their trip with a 5D and charging via solar power. It’s just so well paced, beautifully shot and edited, and the soundtrack is simply gorgeous. Take some time out of your day and float away to somewhere wonderful……….

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  • Val

    wow… well worth taking the time to watch this. Simply beautiful. I want to go to Alaska NOW!

    • http://www.john.macpherson.btinternet.co.uk/about.html John Macpherson

      Me too!