Warning, you may find some parts of the photofilm Be Myself  disturbing.

I’ll never forget the day the photographer Georgina  Cranston came to Birmingham to play me the raw audio of her interview with Lucy; the woman whose story is told in Be Myself. Afterwards I sat at my kitchen table in stunned silence and cried.

In sixteen years of editing audio that has never happened.

Over the years I’ve produced work about some of the worst things a human being can survive, but this was amongst the most personal, the most raw and ultimately inspiring audio I’ve edited.

When Lucy was a child a terrible crime was committed (repeatedly) against her. The people that were supposed to protect her didn’t want to know. Her pain was compounded by the fact that “nobody listened”.  Today Lucy’s film is running off the front page of the Guardian. She can be sure people are listening now.

(We very rarely ask this of our readers, but it would mean a lot if you shared this film on Facebook or Twitter or commented on The Guardian website. Lucy will read the comments and this will mean a lot to her. )



This photofilm was first shown at the ‘Where from? Where now?’ exhibition, an in-depth multimedia project by Georgina Cranston which explored the stories behind women’s homelessness through the words and reflections of 15 women. The other women’s stories can be found on the Where from? Where now? website.



  • Words fail me – Lucy is so brave and determined. I wish her a bright future.

  • James Allen

    Watched it agin, superb. Moving, emotive and raw. Best photo film I have watched in a long long time.

  • Incredibly moving, inspiring, and full of hope. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Jane Borrack

    Lucy.. A profoundly moving story..I am moved and restored by your capacity to rejuvenate and redefine yourself …..you are healed and now have become a healer in sharing your life experiences …What a powerful LI FE! Thank you for sharing and trusting with your story… Jane

  • Bex Hewetson

    lucy,I first saw the film at the exhibition with my husband harry. We watched, we cried, we walked out got into the car and drove home talking about you, your spirit, your strength. Just watched it again, its so impactful, so brave of your to share your story, you are an inspiration. Love & light for the future.

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