Uppercut from California is a place.

Don’t go messing with the Silicon Valley cube-dwellers, they’re pretty handy with their keyboards.

  • Sorry, but this looked mighty dumb. A bunch of middle aged nerds play fighting. Which is all it was. And the ironic part is that one of those jerks is gonna seriously hurt themselves. Some of them were fighting with no protective equipment or padding on a cement(?) floor, and one idiot actually had facial jewelry. An errant slip, a freak fall, where head meets concrete, or bone breaks skin (not the little manly nicks and scrapes they displayed) and things are gonna look a whole lot less fun and chummy.

    These guys look like they could afford someone to teach and supervise, still have fun (safely), and still be friends in the end.

    Stupid, plain stupid.

  • I think they’re looking to put some physical risk back into their lives – so doing it a bit unsafely is exactly what they’re looking for?

  • The thing is, they’re going about it in such an infantile way. Instead of joining a legit martial arts program, their only guidelines and expectations are self delusional and self imposed- their own little macho fantasy, play world. They’re showing off their little bumps and bruises as if, “Look mommy, I’m all grown up now!”

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