Lego. It’s great stuff. My wee lad loves it. (Personally speaking I prefer Meccano – more imagination and finesse required in my fumble opinion).

What’s Lego made from? Plastic I guess. Where does that come from? Well some is synthetic, but mostly it’s from oil.

What better tie up then than Shell and Lego…….

But all is not as it seems…….as the most excellent Greenpeace video pouring scorn on the partnership reveals, as featured in Alex King’s article “Polluting Kid’s Imaginations’ on Huck Magazine:


After clocking up over three million views, YouTube have removed the original video. Democracy on the internet is alive and well… Luckily, it’s been re-posted on Vimeo so get sharing and spreading the message.

The #BlockLego video was suspended by YouTube following a copyright claim from Warner Brothers for the use of the song ‘Everything is Awesome.’ However searches reveal the song is featured in hundreds of videos that remain on the site. Greenpeace intend to appeal against the decision, arguing their use of satire and parody is protected under the right to free speech as it is in the public interest.


It appears to have also been removed from Vimeo.


After huge pressure on YouTube, the original video has now been reinstated (above).


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  • tonemeister

    Thanks, John. It certainly gets the message over.

  • Bill

    OH!…Chissoe David Iron, my college bodyguard.
    Lots more on this giant and giant-hearted amigo.
    He had the scars of three sundances.
    No telling where I would be without his schooling me.
    I saved his life once…bleeding ulcer, got him to a
    native-American hospital he could trust.
    I would enjoy adding to the loving marks he left.

    • http://www.john-macpherson-photography.com John Macpherson

      Hi Bill – you’re a friend of Chissoe! Great that you found this blog and my story of meeting him. Big man, made a big impression on me. I’ll see if I can post your comment on the original article.
      Thanks for getting in touch!

  • Bill

    Sorry that I don’t know how to work this thing enough to tie my comment to Chissoe’s articles. Wow got his pictures! No mistaking this angel of my time
    in Oklahoma. Bill is Chissoe’s friend!