Duckrabbit is a film production and training company. We tell heartfelt stories in film for commercial, charity and broadcast clients. We also run audio-visual storytelling, production and communications training in the UK and internationally.

We’ve been lucky to win a few awards over the years, most recently a Picture of the Year International Award and the Golden Radiator Award for charity film-making.

Since formation in 2008, duckrabbit has won two National Press Photographers Association awards and two Picture of the Year International awards. We’ve also been shortlisted for the Anthropographia awards, the Amnesty International Media Awards and for the Prix Bayeux conflict journalism trophy.  We’ve won the British Press Photographers Association multimedia award and the Sony Production Award for Factual Film-making

In 2016 we won the Picture of the Year International multimedia news issue reporting category, the main prize at the Crossover Web Documentary Festival and the Golden Radiator Award for best charity video.

In 2017 we were runners up in two categories at the Sandford St Martin Awards for religious, spiritual and ethical filmmaking and in 2019 we’ve been shortlisted for the Charity Film Awards

We’ve carried out successful film productions all over the world, in countries as diverse as Malawi, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Rwanda, Germany, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Uganda, Canada, Zimbabwe and of course the UK.

We bring a steady, professional and well-planned approach to international film-making

Benjamin Chesterton

Production Director

Benjamin directs and produces duckrabbit’s film work and leads our training. Before co-founding the company in 2008, Benjamin worked for the BBC producing documentaries.

Peter Rudge

Executive Producer, Story Training

Peter executive produces selected film projects and leads duckrabbit story training.  Before joining the company he worked in the British Diplomatic Service in the UK, Italy and Ethiopia. He is a trustee of the charity Hostage International.

Chris Keenan


Chris is an award-winning cameraman. He’s worked with duckrabbit in Uganda, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Norway and the UK.

Over the last 10 years we have been honoured to partner with some of the best and brightest brands out there, working on transformative projects