Nice one MSF

After duckrabbit pointed out last week that the MSF photoblog lacked any pictures actually taken by Black Africans we’re happy to report that 84 posts into the blog’s existence an indigenous photographer has finally made the page.


Its says a lot about MSF that one of their webmasters decided to put a link to our original post on the front page of their website.  NGO’s, like most of us, are usually highly sensitive to anything they perceive as criticism.  Actually it wasn’t duckrabbit’s intention to criticize but rather to encourage debate. We do hold strongly felt opinions, but we’re not arrogant enough to think that we have all, or any of the answers.

Here’s the picture:


As a matter of interest I looked up the photographer Andrew Njoroge, and like many talented African photographers it seems his photography alone has not been able to sustain a living. It’s a shame because if the most talented fail, what hope, what inspiration is there for the rest?

Author — duckrabbit

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