Concerning the sale of 8 Welsh Street, Bishop’s Castle, SY9 5BT

If you are interested in the purchasing the lovely  Grade 2 listed house that is 8 Welsh Street, Bishop’s Castle as seen on RightMove here than I might be able to help.

We were interested in buying the house in June 2024 but unfortunately we decided not to go ahead due to the some issues after the survey raised.

Being a listed building we had a level 3 survey done by a specialist in listed houses. Although it cost us quite a bit it was well worth it in helping to us to make a final decision on 8 Welsh Street, Bishop’s Castle.

One of the many crazy things about buying a house is that multiple surveys can be done on the same house. Whilst this is great for surveyors it’s a real waste of money. As we were to discover, until you get one done on a house like this, by a specialist, then you are just bidding in the dark.

With this in mind if you wish to purchase a copy of the survey at half the cost you would be charged to get it done again please get in contact and we can discuss.

In the meantime good luck with your house hunting!

8 Welsh Street, Bishop’s Castle, SY9 5BT








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