duckrabbit tortures MSF press officers …

Ben and I have just finished a very rewarding three day training session with the wonderful Olivia and Jean-Marc from MSF UK’s press office. The picture below shows them both ( and some other dodgy geezer on the left) towards the end of the long third day. They were really getting into the construction of their piece on the street performers of Covent Garden, which we will be showing you soon.

Thanks to all at London’s MSF office for being such great hosts, and thanks Olivia and Jean-Marc for your hard work.

Olivia and Jean-Marc from MSF getting into the groove.

And here’s another pic…and a great one at that…this one is by Olivia, and shows a Covent Garden street performer after his stint…his act is to stand still atop a box and then to move when anyone gives him money…a tough way to make a living.. you can see in his eyes where his head is at…

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  1. Cool, looks a good fun 3 days. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  2. duckrabbit says:

    Thanks for that Stephen, the guys did brilliantly and duckrabbit are looking forward to showing the finished piece.

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