The shooting of the Reuters photographer – an alternative perspective

Take time out to read this post by A J Somerset. Its important to get an alternative perspective.

We want to be angry at someone, and the helicopter crew is the obvious target. But the helicopter crew is only doing what normal people do when they’re put into that situation. Instead, we should direct our anger at the men who put them there—at the “goofy child president” who launched that war, and the people who helped him to do that. Because this video demonstrates clearly just how easily confirmation bias can get non-combatants killed, and just what happens to bystanders in an urban fight. This video shows why war is not acceptable.

So I support Wikileaks; it’s important to bring these things out into the open. But I will also say that their video is deliberately manipulative.

They frame it with an introduction that encourages us to see the video in a certain way. They run radio noises, but no chatter, under that introduction, giving the impression that nothing was happening up until the first transmission we hear. And they highlight the journalists, but do not highlight the AKs and the RPG that were on the scene.

They lead us to see what they want us to see, and we see it. And we loudly complain about what we see, and puff ourselves up with self-righteous indignation.

And this is how I know, gentle reader, that in the gunner’s place, you would have made the same decision: because just like that gunner, you see only what you expect to see.


Author — duckrabbit

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  1. Stan B. says:

    I really have no problem with this “alternate” view. Yes, it’s far too easy to judge from afar- viewing a monitor from the comfort of one’s home or office (particularly ironic in this age of drone “pilots”) can be seductively influential. Just as we would be so very mistaken to dismiss this as the one time things went horribly, horribly wrong. This is the senseless slaughter that happens in all wars- over and over and over again. That’s exactly why we must not rush off to war in a rage of fear and misguided patriotism fed by greed and rigged intelligence.

    • duckrabbit says:

      Spot on Stan … why are we so shocked when confronted with the reality of war? Innocent people die, in their droves. Why are we shocked when the military lie to us?

      As you wrote on your blog the only way to stop this is to take the profit out of war.

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