Why the left can be as moronic as the right, and just as dangerous

If you believe in freedom, surely Amazon have the freedom to choose who they host? We of course have the choice not to shop with them, but demanding it ‘re-host’ wikileaks (important as it is) for ‘free’ is the call of a would be dictator.

Go after the Senator who is publicly elected, not a company whose mandate is to make money (in this instance).

Just a thought.

Author — duckrabbit

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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  1. David Oates says:

    I’m surprised to find a post as ill-formed as this one on your website.

    Of course, Amazon has the right as a private company to play host to who it likes and the private censorship that results is very unlikely to be overturned by the powerlessness of consumer-choice.

    On the internet where everyone who operates the network is a commercial entity, freedom of speech only extends as far as the willingness of the operator to help you. As the influence of elected officials dwindles and power passes into corporate hands, to exempt corporate entities from being held to account on the basis that they are merely innocent money-makers is to surrender democracy. Commercial players bowing to state pressure represents nothing less than the privatisation of state control.

    Opposition to this, regardless of it’s naivete, should be supported.

    • duckrabbit says:

      Who said Amazon were ‘innocent money-makers’?

      Lets be clear I DID NOT say do not boycott Amazon, but its moronic to try and bully then into hosting the site for free, as some kind of punishment. It’s just willy waving posturing.

  2. Stan B. says:

    Seems Amazon freely elected to host Wiki- only to then be pressured into stopping. They’re both shameless entities, but yeah, at least one has a return policy.

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