“Who controls photography…..and how to liberate it”

“I am uncomfortable watching an interrogation that is misguided if related to some elusive standard of photojournalism. The supposed ethos at Magnum was cooperative effort: from each according to his ability, to each according to her needs.”


Steve McCurry, National Geographic, Magnum. Lots of opinions expressed in various media recently about manipulation, truth, lies and money.

But here’s something that might throw some light on the issues, from someone who seems to know a lot more than any of the commentators I’ve read so far.

Head on over to Photocritic International and read Guest Post 23: Robert Dannin on Steve McCurry.


Text © 2016 Robert Dannin, Image © Steve McCurry/National Geographic Original excerpt © Photocritic International

Text © 2016 Robert Dannin. Image © Steve McCurry/National Geographic. Original excerpt © Photocritic International


Author — John Macpherson

John MacPherson was born and lives in the Scottish Highlands. He trained as a welder in the Glasgow shipyards, before completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, and then qualified as a Social Worker in Disability Services. Along the way he has cooked on canal barges, trained as an Alpine Ski Leader & worked as an Instructor for Skiers with disabilities, been a canoe instructor, and tutor of night classes in carpentry, stained glass design and manufacture, and archery. He has travelled extensively on various continents, undertaking solo trips by bicycle, or motorcycle. He has had narrow escapes from an ambush by terrorists, been hit by lightning, caught in an erupting volcano, trapped in a mobile home by a tornado, kidnapped by a dog's hairdresser, rammed by a basking shark and was once bitten by a wild otter. He has combined all this with professional photography, which he has practised for over 35 years. He teaches photography and acts as a photography guide & tutor in the UK and abroad. His biggest challenge is keeping his 30 year old Land Rover 110 on the road. He loves telling and hearing stories.

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  1. Stan B. says:

    All for getting ALL the dirt out! But McCurry dug his own well deserved hole, and just because he made Dannin’s life easier certainly doesn’t grant McCurry license to make it up as he goes along…

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