Duckrabbit Spring 2018 Mini-Documentary Workshop


Come and make films with us this April!  The duckrabbit spring 2018 mini-documentary production workshop is taking place on the 12th and 13th April in central London.  We pour our years of experience in making short films for broadcast, charities and the non-profit sector into two inspiring and energising days. We’ll be covering pre-production, equipment,…

Money, guns, thoughts, prayers, money, news, thoughts.

John Macpherson

Presented without comment. All screengrabs taken off twitter in the last hour.                                              

Sex, Lies and Lemmings: Hossein Fatemi and the toxification of photojournalism

Benjamin Chesterton

The year long world tour of photojournalist Hossein Fatemi’s controversial Iranian photos is coming to an end. In a year in which fake news and the abuse of power has never been in sharper focus it’s worth examining some of the incomprehensible decisions that led to Fatemi’s work being given such a massive platform to…

My Mate Travis

John Macpherson

“He’s my mate, I mean what else can you do if not something for your mate? So I got him this so he can walk with me, and he loves the beach…”     I’d spotted the dog’s owner hauling the giant German Shepherd from the back of his van beside the beach. The dog…

I produced a BBC strand where the male presenter was paid at least 60% more than the female presenter. It’s toxic and it has to stop.

Benjamin Chesterton

I’ve followed with interest Carrie Gracie’s brave decision to publicly resign from her job as the BBC’s China Editor in an attempt to highlight the broadcasters failure to pay men and women equally. Following the BBC’s abject response to Gracie’s open letter I want to share my experience of the impact of unequal pay at the…

Work for duckrabbit. Aspiring film-maker/assistant producer wanted.

Benjamin Chesterton

After five years we’re saying goodbye and good luck to our much loved production manager Oliver Sharpe. Oli joined us fresh out of Uni where he studied photography and film as a mature student. He’s gone on to direct some terrific films, as well as assist on shoots as far and wide as Ethiopia, Iceland…

Life’s a Beach, and Then You Try

John Macpherson

  “Thats a lovely dog” said the lone man on the beach. The only other person out on this stormy day. “She’s very friendly!” I could just hear his voice above the whistling westerly wind that scoured the beach, peppering my legs with loose sand that, once mobile, windrippled along, aggregating in dips and hollows…

Women photograph. Everything.

John Macpherson

Women photograph? Yes. Why? Why not. How? Easily. Eh? Because they’re everywhere. And they’re good. And if they don’t photograph, we all lose out. So what have they been doing? This:   Take a deep breath and….   More, yes even more…     So there you go. Good eh! And what does one of…

Under pressure

John Macpherson

The front door opened and she walked in slowly. So very painfully slowly. Glacial would perhaps best describe her gait. She wore a rough white woollen wrap over a loose-fitting comfortable track suit. Loose-fitting, not by choice, but by having become so unbelievably frail that even the slimmest-fitting clothing would hang loose upon her. Faces…

The American Dream

John Macpherson

There’s lots of images. Too many. Too many deaths. Too many injuries. This image by David Becker stopped me for many reasons. (one of a series of striking & thoughtful images here). It’s not the worst image you can find, but it’s one that I thought deeply affecting. Their ‘cowboy’ look, her boots, their hats. At…