Land Rover and the Red Cross. A missed opportunity.


Years ago we made a series of photofilms for Médecins Sans Frontières in Eastern Congo.  We told the story of an MSF midwife, Sam, working in a remote maternal healthcare clinic.  Every day she was driving out in MSF ambulances on some of the worst roads in the world to pick up women in the…

“Listen to the trees…”

John Macpherson

    “…some of the best advice I ever had.”  said Ben (duckrabbit) on twitter recently. It was a timely comment given the work I’ve been doing recently, one inspired by his reading a BrainPickings article by Maria Popova: Hermann Hesse on What Trees Teach Us About Belonging and Life     I do a…

Love & Loss on a Northern Isle

John Macpherson

It started in the wee hours, a distant keening that came and went as the wind gusting in off the Atlantic hustled around our van. It was in the notquitedark, an hour or so beyond midnight, on Orkney Mainland in midsummer and the sound draped itself across our campsite, a veil of melancholy, yet eerily…

On The Inside Looking In

John Macpherson

What’s the value of a story? To the reader it might simply be ‘entertaining’. To the teller however it might be priceless – particularly if its a carefully nurtured cultural tale, woven around local knowledge of place and people, informed by history and long experience. The ‘taking’ of these stories or ‘cultural appropriation’ as its…

A post photography world

John Macpherson

I like making images that do something. Something that goes beyond their simply being ‘nice’ or ‘colourful’ but which instead makes something explode in the viewer’s head, makes them go “Oh!” and challenges them to…well…think differently, think more widely. (I hasten to add that it doesn’t always work though which is why I keep plugging…

Filming and Forgetting in Bangladesh

Benjamin Chesterton

Bangladesh.  The hot south. A communal yard. All chickens and goats and someone hand pumping water.  The smell of burning and the sound of sweeping. People everywhere. It’s the last couple of hours of a three day shoot.  Adrenaline and the crush to get the final shots. I’m recording a few lines of audio with…

Giant boots and broken watches.

Oliver Sharpe

Everything has an end. This is my Granddad… He died two winters ago. This is my Granddads watch… He put it on every morning. For almost 30 years. After he died, my mum knowing how much he meant to me presented me with his watch. Just as he did, I now put it on every morning….

Duckrabbit Spring 2018 Mini-Documentary Workshop


Come and make films with us this April!  The duckrabbit spring 2018 mini-documentary production workshop is taking place on the 12th and 13th April in central London.  We pour our years of experience in making short films for broadcast, charities and the non-profit sector into two inspiring and energising days. We’ll be covering pre-production, equipment,…

Money, guns, thoughts, prayers, money, news, thoughts.

John Macpherson

Presented without comment. All screengrabs taken off twitter in the last hour.                                              

Sex, Lies and Lemmings: Hossein Fatemi and the toxification of photojournalism

Benjamin Chesterton

The year long world tour of photojournalist Hossein Fatemi’s controversial Iranian photos is coming to an end. In a year in which fake news and the abuse of power has never been in sharper focus it’s worth examining some of the incomprehensible decisions that led to Fatemi’s work being given such a massive platform to…