London drizzle warming up. Must mean it’s time for the duckrabbit summer mini-documentary workshop.


The duckrabbit summer 2017 mini-documentary production workshop is taking place on the 13th and 14th July in central London.  We pour our years of experience making short films for broadcast, charities and the non-profit sector into two inspiring and energising days. We’ll be covering pre-production, equipment, interviewing, lighting, directing skills and much more in two intensive…

A week like no other.

John Macpherson

  I’ve just had a memorable week. My mum died, and we buried her. That’s the short version. The long version? Well, permit me the indulgence to weave a tale that encompasses laughter, tears, xenophobia, illness, memory and brilliant crystalline light. I’ve decided to do this because a few days ago I stood with my arms around…

I wish you’d listened to your heart

Benjamin Chesterton

Noor’s Nina Berman writing on NYT’s Lens blog: Photojournalist Sandra Hoyn talking to Cosmopolitan about her work in Bangladesh featuring children sold and forced to have sex: Photos from the series published in the Washington Post here. Faces of children blacked out by me, but were there in original photographs. Who has awarded pictures from this body…

LensCulture and the commodification of rape

Benjamin Chesterton

Where to begin? Magnum Photos and LensCulture are running a photo competition. One of those where you give them lots of money and in return if you’re one of  the lucky ones they give you ‘exposure’. Let’s just cut to the chase. There’s no way of dressing this up. In order to promote the competition…

Beyond The Frame

John Macpherson

Photographs are intriguing things. They show you stuff. You can look at a photo and see everything in it. And sometimes when ‘the story in an image’ is not fully visible, you can often look at several related images and gain a more rounded view, understand more about what is being shown. You might think that…

Are you paying attention?

Oliver Sharpe

It’s 2am. I’m sipping peppermint tea from a ‘Doctor Who’ flask. Hunched in my jacket on the platform. It’s -15C, the middle of Siberia in December, and it’s only going to get colder the further we go. The train station is quiet and eerie. The green tint of the floodlights transforms the smoke rising from the ancient…