Born to Engineer – Kim Cave-Ayland

Institution for Engineering and Technology

”When you tell people you make stars for a living, their heads turn and their mouths open.”  Dr Kim Cave-Ayland

At the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, engineers and physicists are working to create a safe, low-pollution power source that could change the world forever.  When the team of engineers and physicists at Culham fire up their reactor, they create plasma hotter than the centre of the Sun and for a few brief moments, Culham becomes the hottest single point in the solar system.

Dr Kim Cave-Ayland is an engineer working on the systems that keep that plasma under control and safely in the confines of the reactor.

This film was made for the Institution of Engineering and Technology and won the National Category at the Bristol Science Film Festival 2016.


Director: Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer: Chris Keenan, Oliver Sharpe

Executive Producer: Benjamin Chesterton, Peter Rudge

Producer: Benjamin Chesterton, Oliver Sharpe