duckrabbit have been a delight to work with; they totally got the vision of what we wanted to achieve with the film and have brought that to life amazingly. The film really does justice to our beneficiaries, partners and international colleagues and has been extremely well received by colleagues and supporters alike.
Lianne Howard-Dace. Christian Aid Week Fundraising Lead

Stronger than the Storms


Vilia lost her home and her mother in the Haiti earthquake of 2010.  When Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016, the house built for Vilia by Christian Aid was a refuge for more than fifty people when their own houses were completely destroyed.

Stronger than the Storms was filmed in Haiti for Christian Aid.  The film, and Vilia’s story, will be the centrepiece of Christian Aid Week 2018.


Director/Producer:  Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer:  Chris Keenan

Assistant Producer:  Oli Sharpe

Executive Producer:  Peter Rudge

Music:  Still Holding On by Tristan Barton, Thoughts In Motion, Balance by Muted, The End by Maxime Herve, Valley Shine by Oren Tsor, Battle Drums by Kyle Preston