A huge thank you. It’s been so great working with you all, I’ve learned loads along the way, am really really proud of the work we've produced, both for its quality and also for its integrity
Ann Noon, Media Manager, HIV/AIDS Alliance

That Time

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

‘That Time’ was shot in Ethiopia for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.  It tells the story of Momina, a young woman living with HIV in Ethiopia. Despite her hard experiences she’s strong, ambitious, and a loving mother.

The film was showcased on The Guardian Online and was the centrepiece for the Alliance’s World AIDS Day campaign.  The film will go one to promote the Alliance’s ambitions Link Up project, which  aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights of more than one million young people living with and affected by HIV in Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Uganda.

‘That Time’ won the 2014 Sony PRO Award for factual filmmaking.  Judges commented;

“Beautiful visually, compelling and moving.  This is my sort of mini-doc.  Captivating”

Philip Bloom.  Director and Cinematographer

“A fresh take on a familiar subject.  An originality in storytelling that made me want to watch”

Molly Clarke, Head of Communications, Rory Peck Trust

“Beautifully shot and crafted with emotional slow-motion shots that seem to reveal more about the persons portrayed”

Nino Leitner, Cinematographer



Director/Producer/Editor:  Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer:  Sheikh Rajibul Islam

Assistant Producer:  Oli Sharpe