“What Did All This Have To Do With God?”

Institute of Strategic Dialogue

On January 23 2013 two security agents drove up to Christianne Boudreau’s house in a quiet suburb of Calgary. What they were about to tell her was so shocking that she is still trying to come to terms with the impact.

In “What did all this have to do with God” Boudreau confronts her eldest son Damian in an attempt to find out why he abandoned his family to go and fight for ISIS in Syria?

This film is one of a series duckrabbit have been commissioned to make by the Institute of Strategic Dialogue and forms a central part of their Extreme Dialogue campaign that aims to educate young people about the dangers of violent extremism.


Director: Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer: Sheikh Rajibul Islam

Producer: Benjamin Chesterton

Executive Producer: Peter Rudge

Assistant Producer: Oliver Sharpe

Music: Ben Lukas Boysen, Echelon Effect, Salomen Ligthelm, One Hundred Years