Duckrabbit train photographers, journalists, producers, advertisers and communications professionals in storytelling, film-making and in the effective online dissemination of their productions.

Our trainees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, from photographers and journalists looking to take their first steps or improve their skills in video documentary production, to experienced videographers looking to inject storytelling structure into their work.

Our training is practical, fun and designed to deliver effect.

We also train charity and commercial communications departments and creative advertising agencies to build storytelling into their film production work.

The work of our trainees has featured across mainstream online media, including the BBC, The Observer, TIME, The New York Times, National Geographic and other major news and current affairs outlets.

We’ve designed and run training courses worldwide, including in Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, Ethiopia, Italy, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, France, Austria and in the UK.

We’re happy to build organisations and individuals a bespoke training programme to power up any aspect of their production work, from podcasting to smartphone filmmaking to full-blown documentary production.

Mini-Documentary Workshop.

This unique two-day workshop is suitable for film-makers, photographers, journalists, communications/PR professionals or anyone looking to produce their own short films duckrabbit style. Over the course of two days we’ll teach you the practicals of turning a real world film brief into a cracking film. Contact us to book or click below for next dates and more info.

Bespoke Courses.

We design and run bespoke training for organisations in all aspects of digital production, from editorial approaches to storytelling through to technical skills in audio and video production. We also train organisations to make effective use of mass and social media networks to find and impact their audience. The courses are designed for your specific needs and are of varying lengths and can be carried out in your offices or in an external location. Contact us for more info.

Mentored Productions.

We run mentored production programmes, where you can work in collaboration with the duckrabbit production team to produce your own film. We can guide you through the production workflow, teaching you the skills required to take you from pre-production and the location shoot through to post production and completion of a finished film.

We teach people to construct, produce and find an audience for their stories. Here is what they have to say.

Lucy Brinicombe
Press Oficer, Oxfam

Duckrabbit demystified the technology behind creating something beautiful in an engaging and informal way. They have given me the confidence to develop my fledgling skills more in my own time. And if that doesn’t get me some fizz then nothing will.

Emma Wigley
Interactive Media Officer, Christian Aid

I loved this course by duckrabbit. I left full of enthusiasm and confidence. It must have worked because only my second attempt at gathering content for a photofilm made the front page of the Guardian website.

Ciara Leeming
Freelance Journalist

I just sold my first multimedia feature to the BBC. It just shows what a good decision I made by training with duckrabbit. I love what they’re about and would love to capture even a tiny bit of that spirit in my own work. Audio interviewing was probably the biggest challenge for me but I’m now actually looking forward to integrating this into my own storytelling and being able to make my subjects’ voices heard.